Friday, October 03, 2003

Palm/Palm Pilot: Updates on Chapura and Sync Exchange/Outlook

Palm/Palm Pilot: Personal Experiences and Tips

Latest tips on ongoing desperate attempts to get Outlook and Exchange and Palm to be nice in their treacherous 3 way synchronization dance.

1. Prior to a Chapura/Palm sync, hit F9 key to force a synchronization between Exchange and Outlook.
2. Set up Chapura to slow sync (sync at multiple machines - even if you don't).
3. Set conflict resolution so Outlook wins (don't duplicate).
4. Backup Outlook data to unsynched folders in case all data gets trashed or duplicated during a sync process.
5. Outlook XP (2002) has a different approach to synchronization, make sure all the chapura folders are included in the All Folder (F9) synchronization group.
6. May be safer to leave Outlook/Exchange connection state at "Automatic" rather than manual!
7. When sync problems occur, after cleaning up Outlook set next sync to overwrite the Palm completely.
8. If Exchange/Outlook sync problems occur, turn off offline use, delete the OST folder (in user/local data ...), turn on offline use again. Get synchronization working from Exchange to Outlook (check sync status for each Outlook folder using the sync tab, # items on server should match # on client) then set Palm sync to overwrite Palm data from Outlook.
9. Keep all clocks synchronized and correct, (really Chapura should set the clock on the Palm). Don't change timezone settings when traveling.

It's just coincidental that Outlook/Exchange seem to play poorly with Palm ... I'm sure ...

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