Friday, January 09, 2004

RAMJET Inc.: Only trustworthy source of Mac DRAM?

Kingston is getting a bad reputation. Macintouch points here instead: RAMJET Inc.: Quality Computer Memory.

Update 10/29/2013:

I wrote the above in 2004 -- about 9 years ago. Back then my tech blog was more of a microblog - rather like my current stream.

Today I received a curious email, ostensibly from a ramjet address. Perhaps it's some kind of campaign to smear Ramjet? Here's what it says:
We have tried to contact you several times regarding the link on to our site This link is in violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and must be removed in order to bring our site into compliance with Google's terms.
We are assembling a reconsideration request and will be submitting it to Google, soon. Again, all links which we could not remove will be included in the information we submit.
Please remove the link from your site and notify us when this has been done, so that we do not include your site information in our submission.
Thank you,
Steven Lizardi
I wonder what the heck he means?  All I can think of is that the original link included a Macintouch referral parameter -

I removed the referral parameter. Otherwise, I can't imagine revising 9 year old blog post, or that this could in some way relate to Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Smells fishy, but I can't figure out the angle.

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