Friday, April 30, 2004

Resolving OS X slowdowns following an update

Apple - Discussions - The latest Mac OS X update runs slowly...: "This new update is too slow !

Hi !

From time to time, users post on the forum asking why the latest Mac OS update caused their computers to run slower... At the same time, other users post to describe the amazing speed improvements that this update provided...

This FAQ explains why a small number of users may experience a slowdown after having installed an OS update and provides some troubleshooting tips.

You may also want to follow these steps to boost the speed of your current installation, especially if you write and compile applications on your computer.

I - What may cause this slowdown ?

The previous installation wasn't stable Your previous installation may have encountered minor issues. Installing an update on an installation that already experiences problems is unlikely to solve them and may in fact cause some of them to be more visible. That's why is is important to solve any issues before applying any upgrade.

The installation wasn't optimized Before the 'Installer' quits, Mac OS X optimizes the update. That means that it makes sure that all the files are linked together and prepares them to be used efficiently and quickly. Would this process be interrupted, the installation won't run at full speed.

II - What should I do ?

The first thing to do would be to perform a few maintenance tasks.

1. Backup your data

2. Boot from the 'Mac OS X Install CD 1' and use the 'Installer' menu in order to open the 'Disk Utility'. Then, click on 'First Aid' and repair the hard drive.

3. Restart your computer and use the 'Disk Utility' located in your 'Utilities' folder in order to repair the permissions on the Mac OS X partition.

4. Disconnect your computer from the internet and follow the steps described in the Knowledge Base article n�107388

5. Restart your computer

III - This is still not working !

In that case, you may want to 'optimize' your installation. It is a good idea to do so if your installation wasn't optimized or if you have used lots of third-party installers.

1. Backup your data

2. Disconnect your computer from the internet

3. Open the 'Terminal' located in your 'Utilities' folder

4. Type sudo update_prebinding -root / -force

5. Hit Return

6. Type your administrator password and hit return again

7. Wait until the process completes

8. Restart your computer

You should then notice a speed improvement. Of course, do not hesitate to post on these forums. We would all be very glad to help you ! "

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