Friday, March 31, 2006

Aperture: can't import iPhoto Library

When Apple updated iPhoto 6, they broke the ability of Aperture to import iPhoto libraries: Aperture can't import iPhoto Library from iPhoto 6.0.1 or 6.0.2.


That is so extraordinarily stupid.

I have a draft post somewhere about Apple's attitude towards quality. Briefly, quality has never been a big deal with Steve Jobs. Look and feel yes. Out of the box experience, sure. Quality and reliability - no.

I remember some versions of OS 7.x that were so bad they made me want to weep. Apple had good machines back when all PCs were well made, but their build quality over the pasts 8 years has been average to below average. Dell might be worse, but Apple has nothing to brag about.

OS X has improved overall, but new releases seem to break as much as they fix. Sometimes they break what they fixed in a prior update. Let's not talk about how many external firewire drives have been killed in the past few years.

Unfortunately the quality blight is industry wide. As bad as Apple is, and they're pretty bad, there aren't any good alternatives. This most recent blunder, however, is pushing me towards Adobe and away from Apple. I"m going to start using Lightroom beta two for image acquisition and initial work, even if I save them in iPhoto for now.

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