Thursday, February 15, 2007

A document management program for OS X

The author of ReceiptWallet has created a general image management package for OS X. The idea is to manage scanned documents.

... DocumentWallet is a Mac OS X program that allows you to scan in and manage your documents. When you scan in each document, you enter a few pieces of information about the document such as the title, category and sub category (as well as fields that you define) and then you can quickly and easily locate your documents. You can view the documents right on the screen, print them, email them, or save them as PDFs. In addition to the powerful search built into DocumentWallet, you can organize your documents into collections. These collections can contain whatever you want and even better than that is the ability to create smart collections that automatically create collections based on whatever criteria you like. For instance, you can create a smart collection that contains all of your manuals for your electronic components or one that contains documents for a certain case...
I think he needs to deliver one solution that manages 'receipts' and documents together. Two products is kind of odd.

I did test ReceiptWallet. I imported 200 receipts and discovered there's no way to cancel a mass import. You can only cancel one at a time. I had to kill the app. It's not a big design flaw, but it did tell me the program is still early in its evolution.

Update 2/16/07: I mentioned the problem with canceling imports to ReceiptWallet's developer, and it's been fixed for the next minor release. That's why I love small developer projects. Also, Jacob Reider pointed to Yep in the comments. I'll watch his blog to see if he adds more information there.

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