Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coda and Fission: Nice action on the OS X app front

OS X 10.5 is MIA [1] and so is iWorks 3 (OS X spreadsheet), Aperture 2 (working date metadata and faster than a dead slug), iLife 2007 (2008?), Safari 3 (a modern browser?), a blog editor, .Mac that's worth something ... argh. There's no putting a pretty face on it, Apple seems to have taken 2007 off to work on my iPhone.

So it's especially good news to hear of two very interesting OS X product releases: Coda (DF review) and Fisson. Nisus Professional for OS X is also in beta and OpenOffice is supposed to come out for OS X (no X Windows) this summer.

[1] I worry about the Fall delivery considering the challenge of iPhone -- when big projects slip once they almost always slip three times. By that rule 10.5 will come in 2008.

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