Thursday, July 02, 2009

A review of web based task managers

The best Web-based task managers. - By Chip Brantley is pretty good. He justly dings Toodledo for their awful aesthetics, but completely misses their data freedom features and iPhone integration. He ends up liking Gmail's new task manager; I'd like that one better if there were an API and the ability to sync to my iPhone.


jetlagged said...

Mmmm.... I wish I could find something to sync with The Hit List. I got that with the MacHeist bundle and I really enjoy using it. But it's not a serious task management app if I can't access the same task list from my XP laptop, Blackberry phone, iPod Touch, and any other random computer I happen to be at.

Stand-alone apps don't cut it anymore -- everything should be synced to the cloud like Evernote...


JGF said...

toodledo syncs with both Appigo's and their own app on the iPhone, and with iCal.

I'm much more suspicious of the Cloud that you are, even though I use Toodledo while I wait for Google to release an API for Google Tasks.