Saturday, January 30, 2010

EXIF orientation tag bug returns in Snow Leopard - sideways pictures

Almost five years ago Image Capture would corrupt the EXIF image orientation tag on import:
Gordon's Tech: Image Capture Rotate per EXIF iPhoto 5 = Nasty problems

Image Capture has had a bug for several years -- with my Canon camera it duplicates the EXIF orientation tag when it auto-rotates on import. This confuses iPhoto 5.04 -- iPhoto re-rotates portrait images a second time (interestingly the thumb nail is upright) and so the image ends up rotated 180 degrees. I was sure this bug must have been fixed in Tiger. Wrong."
The problem went away with 10.5, but it's back in some form with Snow Leopard. The slide show shows some of my old images sideways. This didn't happen in Leopard.

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