Saturday, May 15, 2010

Appigo has lost RTM sync services

Appigo has a very fine task management application called "". I've used it for about two years. It allowed me to synchronize tasks to one of two cloud services: Toodledo and Remember the Milk.

About a year ago Toodledo introduced their own task management application, but Appigo's sync still worked on both RTM and Toodledo. Appigo also added a desktop sync app, though it's remained in 'beta'.

More recently RTM introduced their own iPhone app. On May 12th they turned off sync support for all their customers who used Appigo
Appigo Todo and RTM
... Late Tuesday night, May 11, 2010, we (Appigo) were contacted by the folks at Remember The Milk via email in which they informed us they had disabled sync access for both Todo for iPad and Todo for iPhone. This service has been available in two of our apps previously (Todo and Todo Lite for iPhone). Todo for iPad was a natural extension and no sync code was changed to support Todo for iPad. We don't agree with their assessment, but including this service in Todo for iPad violated their developer agreement, which was only valid for Todo for iPhone...
A recent update disables RTM support -- since it's no longer available.

There's nothing about this on the RTM web site. For that matter, it's very hard to find anything about this on Appigo's web site either! The release history page, for example, says nothing about this update.

I doubt RTM will be in business in six months.

As for Appigo, they're not handling this very well. They need a lot more material on their main web site pages about what's going on.

Toodledo, where I'm a paying customer, is the only party that's coming out of this looking good. I like their "data freedom" approach to managing customer information.


Unknown said...

RTM has responded here:

Appigo has responded here:

It's a stupid situation, but it seems like Appigo is the one at fault here. Sadly they have conflicting stories so it's up to the consumer to try and sort it out. Now I'm left with a decision, do I stick with the superior iPhone app (Todo) or the superior web app (RTM)?

Hanna said...

I am... Scratch that... I WAS an RTM user. Appigo has now set me up with a pro Toodledo account. I learned about the problem, emailed them an within minutes they got back to me.

Appigo has shown to care about their customers, whereas RTM has done nothing, absolutely nothing to help me out. I've emailed and posted on their forums only to be ignored.

It seems to me that RTM has turned their back oh their paying customers. They don't have a decent iPhone app and they don't even have an iPad app. That is my view as a victim of RTM's lack of common sense.

Anonymous said...

RTM conned me in to subscribing to RTM pro then had their spat with ToDo thankfully Todoodle gives me sync. Not as good as before but better than the non service I was left with by RTM: don' bother the Milk has turned gone sour! Just need ToDo to sort out the whole iCal synch so I can stay away from Google