Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apple's Parental Controls: Never more broken than with Apple's MobileMe

You haven't really felt the full pain of OS X's busted parental controls until you try to enable MobileMe access on a restricted account.

I've tried and failed repeatedly with both MobileMe synchronization and web access. To enable them I had to disable all application and all web content restrictions.

I'd previously run into the Google Parental Controls problem. You can't enable access to a Google Apps domain without also enabling access to Google search. I thought MobileMe would be more parent friendly. I was "oh so wrong", if anything it's a bigger Fail than Google.

If only I could lock Steve Jobs into a room until he got this working. Apple's Parental Controls would be a quite different experience.

I give up. Time to try something different.

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Unknown said...

all of MobileMe is broken. try doing anything on the email page and then Sign-out - nope, you are stuck in Apple land forever .