Monday, November 22, 2010

Shazam pricing surprise - an unwanted upgrade to worthless

Contrary to what's written here, my free version of Shazam was upgraded to a pay version ...

Shazam set to limit free iPhone app to 5 songs per month | Edible Apple

... until recently, Shazam was free and allowed users to identify any number of songs they wanted.  But now, the development company behind Shazam is saying that new downloaders of the app will only be able to tag 5 songs a month.  Users who want to get more use out of Shazam can opt to pay for a $5 pro version of the app, which will enable them to tag an unlimited number of songs in addition to providing them with new features such as music recommendations and enhanced search features. If you’ve already downloaded Shazam, then you can rest easy as the new pricing structure won’t affect you...

Except it did affect me.

I wouldn't mind the transition if iOS app updates were less automatic. I'd simply stay with the old version. The new version is really just a demo app.

Unfortunately iOS App updates are almost automatic, so there's a lot of room for these unwanted contract changes.

We're moving to software rental fairly quickly.

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