Sunday, August 07, 2011

Blogger search: no longer complete

For years Blogger's search of past posts worked well. Lately I've found it misses strings in some older posts, even strings that appear in post titles. So there's some unannounced limit been placed on search, possibly for performance reasons.

I hope Google will fix this, though it's a bad sign that they didn't bother to announce it. In the meantime I'm looking into what I can do with Blogger's export to "Atom Export Format". On first pass, it's not too promising. Gordon's Tech produced a 14MB XML file, including comments but excluding images (Text Wrangler opened it without blinking).

What I want is an HTML archive I can view locally and let Spotlight index. The sort of repository I used to create by running a robot against Maybe I need to try that again.



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Mary said...

What search-tool are you using to see this, Gordon? The one from the nav-bar? What happens if you try a regular search gadget or even a CSE - these say that they just use regular google search, so should still work surely?