Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aperture to Picasa uploader: doesn't exist any more

Apple's Aperture site still markets an Aperture to Picasa Web Albums uploader, but the vendor has closed up shop. Just in time for my move from iPhoto to Aperture!

There's no alternative, which is a bit of an ominous sign for both Picasa Web Albums and Aperture.

Update: There's an open source alternative. Last updated 2010, and quite a few active defects logged.

Update b: Looking at this more closely, Aperture has some interesting web journal features -- that work with MobileMe. Which was shut down last year. This keeps looking worse. (Maybe it's because I'm on Snow Leopard.  I think Lion Users may see iCloud.) Incidentally, this is quite a good article on all the nasty bits of Aperture photo sharing.

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