Saturday, June 09, 2012

iTunes Store: "Error (-50)" - try GoogleDNS?

A few weeks after an intractable -100000 error iTunes error that only resolved when I uses SSH tunneling to download from a California server I ran into a iTunes Store: "Error (-50)" when downloading purchased content with a TV show my son wanted.

I cleared the download cache and deleted the partial download but I was stuck with the problem. I'd already ruled out all the other issues Apple mentions. I certainly didn't use a 'web accelerator' ...

But wait. "Web accelerator" gave me an idea. That suggests a networking issue...

So I used OS X Location switching to swap my CenturyLink DNS services for GoogleDNS (I had both configured). That did it. My download streamed normally.

I wonder if DNS issues with iTunes will get more common; after all, iTunes is a competitor for many DNS providers (though not, I think, CenturyLink).

Perhaps more likely, I wonder if this is related to Apples IPv6 transition.

I'm leaving GoogleDNS running for now.


Martin said...

Do you already use IPv6?

Martin said...

(My Internet access provider doesn't offer IPv6 yet. I'm not too unhappy about that, however, I'm worried about security issues. IPv4 router security works well enough but what's about IPv6 router security?)

JGF said...

I was thinking more of IP6 use on the backbone. I'd read that Apple, Google and others had switched. It occurred to me that perhaps CenturyLink, my ISP, was having related DNS trouble.

I'm still on IPv4 for sure.