Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tools for diagramming and sketching on Windows

Windows is a broken and barren desert of malware and spyware, but I still need to work in it. Alas, I can't switch at work (yet).

So, when I'm looking for better ways to diagram and sketch, I can't choose from the rich world of Mac alternatives, much less from iOS tools. I need something that will work on Windows -- or on a web platform our corporate software doesn't block (alas, Evernote).

I'm working on my options, but fwiw here's a list I'm assembling. I'll update it with whatever I like, while striking out those I've considered and eliminated.

  • OneNote 2010: popular, but tied to Office
  • SnagIt Editor
  • PowerPoint: Too awkward to just use for diagrams.
  • Visio: Expensive, clumsy, overpowered, relearning curve with infrequent use.

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