Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apple's two-step verification: Multiple Apple IDs and Apple IDs?

I like the idea of "two-step verification" for my Apple credentials (aka two factor authentication).

Problem is, I have no faith in Apple's ability to get this right, especially given their many years of unresolved Apple ID problems [1]. In particular I wonder about two things:

  • Can I do two-step verification for my core Apple ID that's tied to all of my App Store and iTunes purchases? That is a address, and when I tried setting one I wasn't given that option. I think the answer is no -- I'd have to change the email address first. But I know I can't change it to one of my 3 other Apple IDs.
  • Can I do two-step verification from an iOS device for an Apple ID that's not the same as the Apple ID tied to the authenticating device? (iOS: iTunes and App Stores)
Until I get answers to those questions, I'm afraid enabling two-step verification will lock me out of my core Apple ID services

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[1] Examples below. Their Apple ID failures are one example of why I think Apple's mind-boggling successes of the late 00s may have also broken the company. There are so many things small and large that Apple can't seem to manage. I'm hoping Cook is doing recovery work.


Martin said...

I'm glad I don't have to use my Apple ID for anything important … :)

Using iCloud remains a problem too. It works reasonably well if you only want to sync your own data for yourself but it doesn't offer much if you've a family to share data with.

(And using iCloud for commercial purposes seems just to be crazy …)

John Gordon said...

On the one hand I think Apple should have a good future, on the other I look at all the basic things they can't execute on ...