Sunday, September 01, 2013

Don't like your OS X user name? Set an alias.

On one of our machines the admin account is Admin/Administrator, on another it's admin/Administrator, and on a third it's Kateva. Very annoying, wish I'd been consistent. Today I learned I could just set an alias that's easy to type when needed.

Works great. Nice tip.

Update 9/2/2013: I was thinking about this in the context of OS X Migration Assistant. I wonder if there are issues when an Alias matches an account name on the target Mac. The same problems might occur with Time Machine restores. So I'll use this feature cautiously, and consider removing aliases prior to doing a migration.

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enonzey said...

Very nice. I'm in my 9th year of using OS X, and I didn't know this existed. A good reminder to right-click on everything in the UI.