Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mass archiving of thousands of Gmail messages - working around Gmail's new bugs

A family member had accumulated over 6000 messages in her Gmail inbox. No problem thought I, I'd just use the old "Select All" trick and be done with it.

Not so fast. Turns out this is broken in Gmail 1/2014. Actually, it's worse than it was in Nov 2013, I added an additional correction to the Stack Exchange thread [1]. 

Google now returns only 45 messages at a time, regardless of search critera. This worked:

  1. Turn off special boxes, turn off conversation mode
  2. Do search: before:2014/1/1
  3. Use Select All box
  4. NOW, only now, I see "Select all messages that match this search". Still see only 25 results. Click archive button. See "Loading...."

The Google still needs us, but increasingly it despises the humans it once serves. We know how this ends.

Seriously [2], The Google isn't into its old web apps any more. It is an AI/robotics company now, leaving the limitations of a merely digital existence behind.

- fn -

[1] In Jan 2014 only personal blogs, Stack Exchange, and Apple Discussions are healthy information sources.

[2] Ok, I was serious on the first one too. It's not personal, it's just corporate evolution in action.

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