Saturday, December 06, 2014

H2O Mobile and data services: the Profile is not backed up, needs separate restore

A few months ago I discovered that I could enable cellular data on the kid’s iPhones, powered by $40/year H2O wireless [1] …

Gordon's Tech: ptel Real Paygo vs. H2O with data

… H2O now allows data use for iPhones [1]. I believe this is new, I learned of it via chat support as a last step check prior to migrating our daughter to Ptel [2]. The data service requires installing a new carrier profile from an ominous looking and quite mysterious web site:

Today I learned that the profile isn’t part of an iOS backup. When I switched my daughter’s iPhone H2O wireless cellular data stopped working.  Reinstalling the profile fixed the problem.

[1] $10 every 3 months covers all the text/voice the boys need. My daughter needs about $80 a year, still very cheap. We enable cellular data for Maps, Messaging, email, calendar and a few other low bandwidth services.

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