Thursday, April 09, 2015

iOS and OS X Reminders can be shared among family members

We need a way to remind #1 of certain tasks he has trouble remembering. 

Yeah, a lot of kids have trouble remembering things, but #1 has a very different mind. Some things are hard for him to hold on to.

Thinking about how to do this I dimly saw, somewhere in the cluttered and drafty attic of my memory, something about shared reminder lists in iOS.

I remembered correctly …

iCloud: Share a reminder list

You can share a reminder list with other iCloud users. You might want to do this, for example, to keep all the members of a sports team apprised of what needs to be done for the next game. As the owner of a shared list, only you can add and delete list participants.

Participants in the shared reminder list can view and edit the list (mark items as complete, add items, and delete items), and see who else is sharing the list using these apps: iCloud Reminders, Reminders on an iOS device, Reminders on a Mac, and Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer.

Outlook? Really? I wonder if that’s true. This is old stuff.

Old enough that it works on Mavericks as well as iOS and iCloud/web. I created a shared Reminder list named after #1 that includes me, Emily, #1’s personal iCloud address and #1’s school/iPad iCloud address. Any of us can interact with reminders.

It was pretty easy to setup. Despite the reference to email in the documentation I was able to accept invitations by using Emily and #1’s iCloud/Web Reminder app. (Though, for some reason, on #1’s 8.3 4s I did have to accept the email invitation. Maybe just a sync issue.)

I suspect we’ll all get alarms, I don’t see a way to target a reminder/alarm to a specific person. 

This will be quite useful.

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