Saturday, May 30, 2015

SymbolicLinker service - if it doesn't work, look for an older install

SymbolicLinker is an ancient but handy OS X service that, sadly, is not in the app store. It’s handy for doing things like putting a Google Drive to Google Photos sync folder on a big external drive while Google Drive primary folder is on your SSD.

You can run it in Mavericks (probably Yosemite), but you have to “whitelist” it by using the Open command in the Finder Context menu.

I did that recently, but Safari still complained. The clue was Safari said the download as from 2010 … but I’d just downloaded a “fresh” (2011!) version.

Turns out I had one copy in Services folder at User level and an old copy at root Library (all user). I just had to delete the old copy.

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