Monday, April 18, 2016

Force Mac Chrome to open for a specific user profile - as of April 2016

I’ve been trying to get Chrome to open in one of my 15 user profiles since at least 2012. I have visited an open SuperUser question on this topic for four years. Today I added a method that work — for this moment:

As of April 2016 on Yosemite I was able to locate Google Apps for all of my 15 Google Profiles (yes, 15). Some were in ~/Applications/Chrome Apps, though we have been told these are going away [1].

To find all of them however I had to do this:

Go to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome.
In Spotlight search on kind:app
Find 300kb "Applications" with names like Gmail (username).
Copy the ones you want and rename them, then put in your Applications folder of choice.

All victory is transient, but Sisyphus is ahead most of the time.

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