Sunday, December 01, 2019

Unable to use MarsEdit with Blogger - OAUTH failure

I'm now unable to use MarsEdit with Blogger on Mojave or High Sierra. When Google asks me to authenticate instead of getting the usual embedded web page for entering credentials I get a blank page.

Either Google has changed something so this only works on Catalina or there's something odd about my Google accounts. I've tested with
  • two non-2FA Google Apps identities that used to work
  • my personal 2FA Gmail Google ID
  • my wife's personal Gmail Google ID never used for blogger
  • two user accounts on my Mojave machine
  • 1 user account on High Sierra
  • Admin and non-admin account
  • Clearing caches with Onyx
macOS Console has not been helpful, but I have yet to download and try it using Consolation.

MarsEdit dev (Daniel Jalkut) says it works for him on Catalina and on pre-Catalina.

Update: switching off my home network to my AT&T hotspot fixed it. So it's something about my home network.

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