Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Photos lethal bug: non-repairable library corruption when click on Shared Album changes for standalone library, "The library could not be opened"

Nobody asks an Apple customer user why they despise Apple. There are so many reasons.

My latest reason to hate Apple is a bug in Ventura 13.6.1

Click on Shared Album Activity for a standalone non-primary library and Photos crashes immediately.

After that when trying to open initiates Library Repair -- but the repair fails with this unhelpful error message:

At this point I have only a dull Apple hatred because Apple's Aperture migration fiasco killed my hate glands.

After doing an option-command launch of the broken library macOS Ventura first does a repair then does a full "Recovery". This takes a while but in my case it worked.

Don't click that Activity link.

Caveat: Monterey failed to convert my Aperture Library so the conversion was done with Power Photos. So my Library may have some anomalies from that history.

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