Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Aperture will launch on an M2 Air running Ventura 13.6.3 and will browse an old Aperture Library - but nothing else

This was a bit of a shock. Aperture won't run on Intel Monterey without an OS hack (Retroactive). I was cleaning up an M1 Air that had a copy of Aperture on it and on a whim I clicked it. Aperture was there via Migration Assistant. No Retroactive needed.

Aperture launched. No complaints. I could browse my old 600GB Library.

So I copied just the app from my Application folder to an external drive and then launched it on a different M2 Air. Same. Just launched. I could browse and search. Much faster than on my old Air running Mojave.

I have not tried doing anything with it other than search and browse. I'm basically stunned and I figure it could mess up my old Library.

I'm still healing from my years long slog to migrate the Library to Being able to browse the old Library is very helpful for understanding what migrated and what didn't. (Yes, is mostly a huge regression.)

See also: I shared this on Apple Discussions. I'm curious if Apple will remove the post; they are pretty aggressive about removing posts these days.

Update 3/28/2024: I recently got an older M1 which I updated to Sonoma. Aperture launches and quits on this machine. So now I need to test on an M2 running Sonoma.

Update 3/30/2024: And ... it crashes on an M2 running Sonoma. So this is only a weird curiosity and not very useful.

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