Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to cancel or reschedule an Apple Genius Bar Reservation

I don't think you can currently cancel or reschedule a Genius Bar Reservation from Apple's GB reservation site.

If you have iOS though, you can cancel or reschedule using Apple's Apple Store.app. It's not obvious how ...
  1. Tap Stores
  2. Find store where you have reservation.
  3. Click Store then Genius Bar. From here you can create a new appointment, or cancel or reschedule an existing appointment.
I don't think there's an Apple Store.app equivalent for the desktop, so, like iMessenger, this is strictly an iOS service.


Stephen said...

Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

you have more options thru this page regarding your appointment


alternatively, select your local store and then you can sign in with your info to change your resrevation online.

Anonymous said...

its not obvious from your directions either... certainly not in ios 5.1 on an ipad or iphone

you need to explain what you see on the screen or should see and what you need to select

saying find the store where your reservation was made is somewhat random

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is pretend you are making a second appointment through the website and once you enter your info you will have a second appointment. NOW what you do is click the button that says "SEE ALL APPOINTMENTS" and it will pull up both the appointments you have, giving you the option to reschedule or cancel both of them. Problem solved.

Colin Wenhardt said...

you can go here:

sign in w your apple id and have the choice of rescheduling or canceling

suseshar said...

Thank you very much John. Lots of options on the Apple store app.

Tom Nandhra said...

There is another way on the website:

1) Scroll to the very bottom of the page and you should find "Apple Store" highlighted in blue.
2) From here you should have an option to find your store
3) On this page, there will be a link "Manage Reservations >"
4) Finally, (if you are logged in) you should see your reservation.