Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time Machine backups of Aperture are not reliable?!

I've restored my Aperture Library from backup twice in the past few months. Two months ago Aperture crashed when a bad block corrupted a file. I restored from Carbon Copy Cloner. A month later I figured a dying iMac drive was the root cause, and my backups weren't as robust as I expected.

After a mildly painful Apple service call i had to restore all my data from backup. I backup the server nightly to Carbon Copy Cloner and hourly to Time Capsule, so I had to pick a backup source. I decided to restore from Carbon Copy Cloner, though I did consider Time Machine. It seems to have worked.

Today I learned that I might have dodged a bullet. I was wise to choose CCC over Time Machine ...

Macintouch Backup

Derek L

...Thanks to Antonio Tejada for his note about Time Machine and Aperture. The combination remains unreliable for me, as I'd described in my comment on this topic last June: not all items in my Aperture library get included in my Time Machine backup. Although I've been able to temporarily repair it via forcing a "deep traversal", the problem recurred in fresh TM backup sets, on multiple disks, and through several point releases of Snow Leopard and Aperture 3 (I've never used any other version, and I also haven't migrated to Lion). I gave up on it and instead depend on Aperture Vaults.

Skot Nelson

... However, after having Aperture randomly lose some of my masters -- old photos from a concert that I hadn't touched in month and just happened to click on as part -- I no longer trust my Aperture library's integrity...

Richard Tench

... Seeing the warnings here about Aperture and Time Machine, I decided to do a test recovery (to my desktop). It failed due to permissions on the Time Capsule. Though one would think that's an easy problem to fix, it isn't. At the end of 2.5 hours on an AppleCare call, they were unable to help me. I was told that Aperture doesn't work well with Time Machine...

Sigh. I miss Dantz Retrospect. I'm grateful for CCC, but old Retrospect combined the reliability of CCC with the features of a true backup.

It's been noted that in 2012 Apple OS X development is the equivalent of Siberian exile. Time Machine work must be reserved for unwanted interns.

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