Monday, January 16, 2012

Lion continues to disappoint: the Duplicate/Save problem

I have a document open in Pages.

It's saved somewhere.

What is its name? Where has it been saved? If I "Duplicate", how do I find the "Duplicate"? What is the name of the "Duplicate"?

Apple's change to Lion's file management behavior is a significant hassle. Macintouch has a detailed list of complaints from numerous Lion victims.

It's worse than a hassle though. It's a scary sign of incompetence. If Apple's developers are capable of this level of judgment failure, what else might they do?

Lion to Vista comparisons are well deserved. I may keep Snow Leopard on our household machines indefinitely, which means I won't be doing much with iCloud. It also means I'll delay upgrading our hardware as long as possible.

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Update 1/24/12: Inside Apple explains why Lion is a troubled product ...

... status fluctuates with the prominence of the products on which one works. As the success of the iPhone and iPad grew, the coolest faction of the company was the software engineers working on Apple's mobile operating system software, known as iOS. Hardware engineers and product marketers connected with the devices ranked high in the pecking order, followed by people in the iTunes, iCloud, and other online services organizations. Employees associated primarily with the Macintosh, once the cocks of the roost, were considered second-rate in the Apple hierarchy by this time. In terms of corporate coolness, functions such as sales, human resources, and customer service wouldn't even rate...

It feels like the province of interns now. Imagine who gets to work on iPhoto ...

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