Friday, July 09, 2004

Apple - Discussions - Replacement iPod is INDEED defective

Apple - Discussions - Replacement iPod is itself defective: "Ok, this is now is the third replacement. I've been through four 30GB G3 iPods now.

It arrived very quickly -- expedited service since it was my 3rd return.

I recharge it. Go to use it. The central button doesn't work. I can navigate the top menus, but I can't do anything else. I can reset it, no change.

If anyone wants to discuss this with me directly my email is"
Wow. This is very impressive. I'm pretty convinced by now that Apple really can't service iPods. Their entire service routine must be a clever scam. They know sooner or later I'll get tired of calling AppleCare for a return.

They are rapidly turning into a seriously scummy company. I'm going to use Minnesota's consumer protection process.


I called AppleCare and was good and patient. When I was asked to reset I said I'd already done it, but offered to repeat. That was good.

The first time I'd reset by myself I forgot to switch the hold toggle on and off. The hold toggle turns power to the buttons on and off. That was a critical step. With it the reset cleared the problem.

It appears some combination of pressure on the central button (perhaps in shipping) and power drainage can cause the button to be locked out.

So this iPod is now working.

I'll put a hold on my letter to the state attorney general until I see how this replacement does!

updateNope, it's really broken. Lock switch is malfunctioning. Now for replacement number 4, and the letter to the state attorney general.

Update 2: The problem is more subtle than just a bad lock switch. At varioous times, particularly when withdrawing a fully recharged iPod from the cradle, the buttons are totally inoperable. Reinserting into the cradle may restore functionality. I think it's likely a somewhat flaky circuit that can be perturbed by small voltage fluctuations.

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