Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Google and digital image storage

MacSlash | Google Acquires Digital Photo Management Company Picasa
Today Google acquired Picasa, a company that makes digital photo management software. No specifics were given but Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president of Product Management said 'its technologies complement Google's ongoing mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.' Perhaps this means that Google will someday allow you to use some of your GB of storage to host and showcase your digital photo library.

Very interesting! Google has the power to crush the digital image store/sell industry. I wonder if they'll build Google extensions into Picasa then make it freely available. The Picasa web site has links to a tool that facilitates putting images into Google's Blogger blog. Photoblogging deluxe?
Update:I downloaded both Picasa and Hello, Picasa's Chat/peer-to-peer image sharing application with the "bot" interface to Blogger.

Phew! Complex and innovative. I can see why Blogger went for Picasa. Very impressive. I may even pay the $30 for the app, though I suspect it will soon be free (I'll wait a few days before I buy, I'm on a 14 day trial.).

Here's a sample photo. I may switch to this mode of distributing photos to friends and families. I'll create a private photo blog just for that purpose.

Here's an old photo for test purposes ... (Molly, then aged about 3 months, now 14.5 years and on her 7th life ...)

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