Friday, September 10, 2004

Canon releases iP6000D and iP8500 PIXMA printers in the US

Canon USA Consumer Products - Printers

Figures. I gave up 2 days ago and ordered the IP4000. Now the iP6000D, iP5000, iP4000R and iP8500 are out. The iP6000D replaces the i960. It's a "six" (five really) color system. The ip8500 it's an "eight" (seven really) color system.

The product naming and sequencing is very confusing.

I think the iP6000D may be a "pure" photo printer, whereas the iP4000, iP4000R and iP5000 clearly print both photos and documents. The iP4000R has integrated 802.11G support, the iP5000 is faster than the rest. The best photos in this $140-$200 group come from the iP6000D. For our family purposes the iP4000 may suffice.

The iP8500 is in a different category. It exceeds the photo printing of the iP6000D while still doing document printing; and it's faster than the iP5000 for similar resolutions. It's also almost twice as much.

Maybe I won't return the iP4000 after all. It may be about right -- I can replace it with next October's models ...

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