Monday, March 28, 2005

PictureSync for OS X

Holocore / Mac OS X Software / PictureSync

Via Macintouch.
PictureSync is a convenient utility that simplifies batch uploading your photos and video clips to online services, - directly from your image-management application or files, and without losing your own valuable annotations and metadata.

Features :

» Image resizing
» Suports most file formats and movies
» Customise annotations used online
» Upload directly to albums
» Specify image upload order
» Automatic rotation (with EXIF)
» sRGB conversion (with ICC profiles)
» Use multiple services

Webshots FotoTime
Flickr Smugmug
Vimeo Buzznet

iView Media Pro
IPTC annotations
Drag and drop (IPTC annotations)
It's $10 donationware. If it actually does what the author claims it's worth more than that for me. I'll try it out.

Update 8/31/09: I used PictureSync for several years and I got my $10 out of it -- but it died.

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