Friday, March 18, 2005

Raindance VOIP conferencing - with spam included

Video conferencing, net meeting, and web conferencing solutions Raindance

The Raindance website doesn't mention this, but they're a VOIP conferencing solution with integrated video. I was on one of their calls recently, a 3 way international call using phones. One speaker was a bit echoish but overall quality was good.

They offer a non-audio free one-to-one meeting service; roughly comparable to Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo's. Unfortunately when you sign up for the free account you give full rain for them to spam unmercifully and sell your contact information to the lowest of the low. Wow. If I were the CEO of Raindance, a publicly traded company, I'd have an absolute cow about this. How the heck would they ever hope to attract corporate customers for their non-free (not cheap) services if they spam on evaluation? Sigh. Of course I have them my trash account.

It seems to have installed a Java client on Firefox, but I won't be able to test it with distant colleagues given their terms of service. It really amazes me what some companies think is good business.

Here's the blurb from their web site:
Raindance Meeting Edition offers you the flexibility of several account levels, each providing the same powerful web conferencing features, but set for different meeting sizes and prices. All accounts include:

* Unlimited online meetings with easy-to-use video and web conferencing features
* Integration with Microsoft Outlook for automated invitations and meeting information
* A range of collaborative features that improve participation, enabling you to share applications, present documents, share browsers, chat and whiteboard online

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