Saturday, December 03, 2005

Getting a rebate on the Canon Digital Rebel XT -- where's the UPC?

[This is really written for folks struggling with the rebate and searching Google for help.]

The Canon Digital Rebel XT comes with a $75 rebate.

As always, the process for getting the rebate is, unsurprisingly, confusing and complex. If it were easy, too many people would do it. The best way to proceed is to go this validation site and enter the UPC number. But which UPC number?

There are a plethora of UPC numbers on the box and in the box, and the directions don't help. They say "*Note: If you purchase an EOS 20D EF-S 17-85 Kit or Rebel XT EF-S 17-85 Kit, enter the UPC code from the camera body box located inside the kit packaging." Huh? There's no UPC inside the box holding my camera, but there are several on the box.

The trick is to look the UPC number up on Google, I found out that it's: "013803049640". Once I knew the number I could figure out where it was on the box. It is indeed on the kit box, not "inside on a camera box".

So if you use the web site, print out the form they provide, and follow all the rules religiously, you're probably okay. If you get stuck, you can phone the rebate center:
Canon USA rebate center toll free at (877) 862-6870 weekdays, 8 am to 8 pm EST.
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