Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Epson has a 24 photo bulk feeder

Epson briefly sold a scanner with an integrated print feeder. The Amazon reviews were very positive, but it was discontinued. HP made a similar device, which was burned at the stake on Amazon. (HP hates their customers, and they punish them with HP's sheet feeders/shredders.)

Every so often I look to see if anyone has introduced something like this. To my surprise -- I found the Epson - Multi Photo / Business Card Feeder. It replaces the top portions of two of Epson's currently sold scanners (2480 and 2580). It's about $150 or so; oddly it's $175 on Amazon. There are no Amazon reviews of this device, in fact I couldn't find any reviews anywhere.

Is there nobody else with thousands of prints to scan? Something's funny here ...

Update: it looks a lot like the top of their limited edition scanner, the one that got great reviews.

Update 2: Hmm. False alarm. This is indeed the top of the Limited Edition scanner, but the two scanners it is said to work with have been discontinued. So this is not worth buying.


Anonymous said...

I almost bought that HP with the 4x6 feeder, and I'm now thinking about the Epson 3590 with the 35mm negative feeder.

Anyone know how I can get both capabilities?? It would be the ideal flatbed! I could finally toss the shoeboxes once and for all.

JGF said...

I'd like to see someone sell a compact unit that was dedicated to 4x6 and 3x5 scanning -- nothing else. I have to assume you and I are unusual however, nobody seems to want to enter this market.

Part of the problem is that the cost of a good sheet feeder about equals the cost of a good flatbed scanner, since customers don't think sheet feeders are expensive they are a surprised by the total cost.

Anonymous said...

The bulk feeder is also compatible with the currently available 3490 and 3590 Epson scanners. FYI.