Friday, October 13, 2006

Aperture's date problem: Adam Tow replies

I have been pursuing a lonely campaign to bring image date editing to Aperture. Alas my broken heart, this didn't come with version 1.5. The other day it occurred to me that perhaps one could modify dates using AppleScript, and I asked that of one of one of my favorite OS X blogs:

Here's Adam Tow's reply. No API, so AppleScript would read dates, but not edit them. On the other hand I didn't know that Aperture uses the open source SQLite3 database (note SQLite, a public domain C library application, runs on Windows too).

I wonder if one could simply write SLQ code to adjust dates [1]. Adam is thinking of writing a utility to set dates in Aperture. If he did that, I might buy Aperture (especially since the MacBook is expected to go Core Duo at the end of this month).

[1] Not so simple, read the excellent Wikipedia article. Fascinating. Apple uses SQLite fairly extensively and 10.4's CoreData API overlays SQLite (I think I knew that once). Maybe the date could be edited or modified using the SQLite database browser.

Update 10/13/06: sqlite3 runs at the command line in 10.4. So a really reckless geek could fix up the dates using SQL at the command line ...

Update 10/14/06: My, that was fast ...

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