Monday, January 15, 2007

Google SMS and the nine digit zip fad to come

Google SMS is impressive. It helps to know the zip code, ideally to nine digits, of where you're at. Remember when it was a geek fad to mark WiFi sources with chalk drawings? We need a new geek fad of putting tasteful stickers with nine-digit zip codes on street signs ... (yeah, I know that's illegal...)

Here are my favorites. I use the zip code wherever possible. I need to find an SMS gateway so I can test these further on my computer. The Froogle option is handy when shopping ...

Search Features Example query
Local Listingssushi 94040
Weatherweather NYC
Translationtranslate hello in french
Driving Directionspasadena CA to 94043
Web Snippetsg hubble telescope
Q&Aabraham lincoln birthday
Area Code650
Froogleprice ipod player 40gb
Calculator1 US pint in liters

I'll message these to my phone so I can keep the list handy as a reminder.

PS. I'm amazed to learn that the rich text editor in Firefox supports adjusting table margins and deleting rows!

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