Thursday, May 17, 2007

How to move a domain name

Moving a domain name from Network Solutions to the OpenSRS service used by my service provider (Lunarpages) was surprisingly complex. For the sake of anyone having to do this, these are the key steps:
  1. Go to Network Solutions and login in to my account there.
  2. Find the domain name, click on it, and find the control that locks the domain. Unlock it.
  3. Now there's another obscure link on the same page that, confusingly, says "lock" or get "transfer code". Click on it and request the code. It's emailed out.
  4. Now to to Lunarpages and fill out their form. They needed all kinds of things, including my credit card info (for verification - yes, it's stupid), domain information, copy of domain record, password for my cpanel access, etc.
  5. Now it should hopefully transfer ...

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