Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picasa web albums: not for OS X

I'd been very fond of Google's Picasa web albums, but about a month ago the iPhoto '08 broke the Google (Picasa) Export Plug-in. It's been a month now and there's been no official admission from Google of the problem and no fixes.

It's time for OS X users to look somewhere besides Google. Too bad the .Mac photo sharing doesn't support full res upload/download. I'll be looking around, suggestions welcome!

Update 9/15/07: A Google Picasa developer commented on my blog, see comments. The good news is that he's actively working on an update that will announced on the Google Mac blog. I don't agree that a single, increasingly buried, comment on the help forum counts as sufficient notification of the problem -- Google should have updated their download page. I haven't come across any alternative I like as much as Picasa web albums, so with this additional notificaton I'll keep waiting.

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Greg said...

Take a look at this message for acknowledgment of the problem .

I've been working on a new version for a few weeks. We'll release it when it has had enough testing. Keep an eye on the Google Mac blog for an announcement once it's ready.

Until then, the stand-alone PWA uploader still works (just drag photos over from iPhoto), and there is a commercial uploader for Aperture available as well. Or write your own since we make the APIs available freely.