Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The ONE blogger feature I'd really like to see

Dear Google:

Until Ecto works better, or until someone ports Windows Live Writer to OS X, I rely on the Google Toolbar "Send to Blogger" feature.

Unfortunately, the "Send to Blogger" feature lacks editing tools (bullets, images) and, most importantly, has no support for Label (tag) lookup.

If I post as Draft, however, I have to:
  1. Right click 'edit posts' and select new window so I get the post listing with proper chrome.
  2. Find my draft post.
  3. Click on edit.

Please add a new link to the page that appears after I submit a draft. This link would do this:
  1. Edit this post (new window)
So I'd have one quick click and I'd get chrome.

Thank you.


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