Sunday, January 06, 2008

Permissions: the most messed up part of OS X

This is true for 10.4.11 on a multi-user machine
  1. User Tim moves folder to User John's Drop Box.
  2. User John moves folder to John's desktop.
  3. John cannot edit folder contents.
The owner of the folder contents is still Tim. Other users have read-only access.

OS X doesn't change the ownership, even though the act of moving to John's Public Drop Box is an indisputable transition of ownership.

This behavior has been broken since 10.0.

I'd be pleasantly surprised if it were fixed in 10.5.

This ain't rocket science.

The old Apple would have nailed this one long ago.

[Yes, I know how to change permissions. That's not the point. This is 'not caring' style design.]

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