Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This is why I wait for 10.5.3 ...

A very good example of why 10.5 is still not ready for me:

Spanning Sync Blog: Update on the Leopard iCal Sync Bug

...We've filed this bug with Apple (bug #5597932) and, given the number of people affected by it, are optimistic that it will be fixed in Mac OS X 10.5.2, rumored to be shipping later this month. In the mean time you should:

  • Consider this bug before upgrading to Leopard from Tiger
  • Make frequent backups of iCal (File > Back up iCal...)
  • Disable the Address Book birthday calendar if you think you might be running into the problem

We understand and share the frustration this bug has caused our users—and all Mac users trying to sync their iCal calendars with other devices and applications. We look forward to a permanent fix from Apple...

Apple has a culture of innovation - obviously. Quality? Customer service? Not so much.

It's just not in their DNA. The saving grace is a very high quality customer base that notices problems and complains about them. If not for that customer base I'd still be on XP - no matter how excellent Apple's innovation.

When Apple makes a big move, experienced customers know they'll break stuff rather than miss dates or sacrifice secrecy. When 10.5 slipped last Feb I thought it wouldn't ship before March 2008. I should have said it wouldn't be ready to use before March 2008.

The good news, for those of us who can wait, is that by March of 2008 10.5 might be safe to use. Personally I'm thinking May 2008  looks better.

Hard on people who need new hardware though ...

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