Sunday, April 06, 2008

A last lesson from our Samsung i500

I like my iPod. I liked the Palm Vx. I even mostly like my MacBook.

So I ain't impossible to please. Just not easy.

So it was hard so say the long good-bye to our Samsung i500s and all their accesories!

They were great tech for their day and today. Palm Classic goodness -- fast, super reliable, elegant. Graffiti One. Compact clamshells with good sound quality and an excellent form factor. Line 'em up against the iPhone and they do pretty well. Sure -- no mobile web. On the other hand, way more reliable and they have tasks too!

Alas, they gradually died. When my wife's failed we switched to AT&T for her BlackBerry and to line-up for my iPhone.

There was one major flaw of the i500 though -- and one related lesson. All the connectors were proprietary - and transient. No USB goodness (BlackBerry, Nokia 6555), and no evil-but-ubiquitous connector like the iPod -- just another one off from Samsung.

So, when a "free for anyone" listing on Craigslist got no hits, I had to toss everything out. Connectors, chargers, accessory cables, -- the whole bit.

That's the last lesson, though most of us have figured it out by now. Don't buy devices that use proprietary connectors -- unless they've made it to evil-but-universal status.

It's a great way to narrow your purchasing options ...

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