Saturday, April 05, 2008

More iPhoto humiliation: the vanishing edited video

iMovie '08 is so abominable that it makes iPhoto look good ... by comparison.

Still, it's not hard to humiliate iPhoto, even if we forget that after 8 releases it still can't import a Library.

We know that iPhoto has a nasty video export bug that can result in total data loss. That's bad, but this is at least comparable:
  1. Import 3ivx MPEG 4 encoded video with AVI wrapper into iPhoto.
  2. Right click on the Edit button and open in QuickTime Pro.
  3. Trim the video and save. QT Pro offers to save in .MOV format. Choose that.
  4. Return to iPhoto. The video you see is the previous version.
Basically the "Edit" option in iPhoto doesn't work for Video. It should be "grayed out" and unavailable for selection.

I bet QA found this one in early testing of iPhoto '08, but product management decided it wasn't worth fixing.

They should be ashamed.

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