Monday, September 01, 2008

Chrome blame: you don't think they mean Flash, do they?

Page 8 of the Google Chrome comic is about "placing blame where blame belongs".

There's a bit of intensity in this topic. I'm left with the sense that Google engineers are upset with a common plug-in, an its tendency to wreck browsers.

You don't suppose they mean Flash?

I'm looking forward to Chrome. In a world of Chrome/Safari/iPhone/Web Kit, IE 6/7/8, and Firefox 3 even the most clueless web app vendors have got to start thinking about standards.

As a Web Kit user I'm also grateful for the automated QA the open source Web Kit platform is getting.

Thanks Google!

Update: After the comic slipped out ahead of time, Google put out an emergency blog post pre-announcement. It will be out in beta tomorrow for Windows, Mac and Linux to follow but no timelines given.

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