Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Newest Sansa SanDisk STILL doesn't support AAC - weird

File under weird.

My SONY car radio plays AAC. My Nintendo Wii supports AAC. My wife's BlackBerry plays AAC. But the newest Sansa SanDisk still doesn't support AAC ... (note the As in AAC do not stand for Apple).
SanDisk Sansa e200 MP3 player

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Yeah, right ... convert. Ever tried it? Takes ages, terrible results. I'd look at these Sansa things for my kids if they had AAC support. Does Apple pay SanDisk to avoid AAC?


Unknown said...

I'm a Sansa fan and always look forward to what Sandisk launches. I've owned different models of Sansa: starting e200 to Fuze I possess now. Great quality and easy usage are common features of Sansa players.I don't use AAC, so see no problem.

Anonymous said...

The solution is not to support Sandisk. In this day and age, AAC has become the defacto standard for quality audio. There is absolutely no reason for full support of AAC-- even if Apple may have weird tag extensions on their content. If they expect to get competitors' dollars when their customers upgrade, they better make it easy for users to move over. The onus is on them to make this happen and have it "just work". For a few bucks more, you can just continue on with zero stress and get a newer iPod.


JGF said...

I definitely agree, Sandisk's choices are very puzzling.