Friday, November 28, 2008

Chapura KeyTasks for the iPhone

Chapura is offering an iPhone Task management application tied to an online "cloud" service.

If you're an Outlook user you can sync your tasks from Outlook to the "MyChapura" cloud service, and from the cloud service to your iPhone/iTouch -- even if you sync Outlook with Exchange Server. (Unlike MobileMe, which has been changed to no longer sync with Outlook when exchange server is involved.)

As far as I can tell the MyChapura cloud doesn't include any user interface for manipulating the Task data, it's strictly a store that gets around all the issues with syncing an iPhone to multiple machines and the inability to sync over the Apple calbe.

Grrr. Maybe I should have left all my PIM data in Outlook -- rather than moving it to the pathetically inferior OS X environment. (Only Address Book is in any way competitive to the Outlook PIM equivalent.)

So is Chapura going to go all the way, and add Calender, Contact and Memo/Notes support to MyChapura, with complementary apps on the iPhone? That would be a large project, but it's very much like their Palm KeySuite application.

I'm definitely interested; it's a shame Chapura doesn't have a blog I could track. Tasks synchronization alone isn't worth the risk of installing software into Outlook/XP (very unstable environments these days), but if Chapura goes further ...

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