Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone 2.2: Why does only Google use the Safari databases?

After installing iPhone OS 2.2 [1] I was poking around settings and came across Safari's database settings.

They're probably old, but little remarked on. I found no hits for the string: iphone safari databases "talk asset cache".

Turns out iPhone/Safari has an interesting collection of database stores, but only Google seems to use them. I found one for Google Talk (suggests they might do something with it if Apple ever enables the #$@$! instant messaging function [2]), translate phrases and

It's odd nobody else seems to use them.

[1] No problems, even though my network chose the update time to grind to a halt.

It may be coincidence, but power resetting my Airport Extreme seemed to clear up the problem. It was last reset when the power went out several months ago.

It is a bit weird how many glitches I get like that; that was my first network issue in months. Next time though I'd probably reboot the phone first to clear out gremlins and place it in airplane mode to prevent any incoming calls.

[2] If Apple had implemented their promised notification framework, AT&T and Apple would have lost a lot of SMS revenue. I don't think we'll see this notification framework until Apple and AT&T feel more competitive heat. Maybe the next generation of Android phones. The current BlackBerrys won't do the trick; their beautiful hardware masks an impressively lousy OS.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that apple is continuing to update the firmware, but can they get some priorities straight? Like better integration with exchange calendar invites and some copy paste. I would love to replace my blackberry with an IPhone at work, but these basics need to be provided. Sure Street view is nice, but all its going to do is help me find the soup line if I lose my job because I missed a calendar invite.

JGF said...

They clearly don't have you and I at the top of their wish list!

Nobody can explain why Apple won't do cut copy paste, or why their calendar/address book notes truncate text, or why they won't support OTA google calendar sync or why they won't do push notification ...

Ok, so we can explain the last two, but the explanations aren't good.

The iPhone is NOT ready for business. I hope corporations hold out.