Sunday, February 28, 2010

MobileMe vs. DropBox

I've been tempted by DropBox, but I signed up for MobileMe (Family!) so I could sync my OS X Address Book with my iPhone via MobileMe. (If you use Exchange Server with the current iPhone you can't do direct sync to a desktop -- I hope that will change with iPhoneOS 4.

Today I ran into a MobileMe file sync problem. The most current version of a file was "stuck" on my MacBook. I couldn't get it to sync to the server. I got a cryptic sync error message, but nothing else.

Eventually MobileMe put up the dialog I was expecting, asking me to resolve a sync conflict.

I'm not impressed. I haven't asked much of MobileMe, but it's already failed me.

I'm going to give DropBox a try -- and keep looking for some other way to manage my address book. I'm hoping I'll be able to drop MobileMe after this year is up.

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