Monday, June 07, 2010

Google search result rendering scrambled in Safari

This is what Safari 4 is showing me when I search Google (click for larger image):

A non-moveable "sponsored links" drop down ad is obscuring the left side of the screen and the text below the search button is jumbled.

This is in plain old Safari 4.


Bing works perfectly.

Update: It's broken in Safari 5 too on this machine_account, but it's fine on other machines and other user accounts on this machine. Emptying the cache didn't help. So I reset Safari - restoring default font sizes, clearing cookies, etc. That worked:

I'll change my fonts to larger sizes and see if the bug returns.


Martin said...

Get a real browser … it looks like a typical rendering error, purging your browser cache should help.

JGF said...

Emptying the cache didn't help - but thanks for the suggestion.

The "Sponsored Links" are rendering correctly in Chrome of course.

I tried another machine, and Safari works there. So I tried another account on this machine, and it worked there too.

So it's something about my current account...